The Benefits of Making Use of a Marketing Agency

The Benefits of Making Use of a Marketing Agency At the end of the day, if nobody knows that your business exists, it doesn’t matter how incredible your products are or how extraordinary your services may be – you are still going to come off second best. When it comes to running a successful establishment, [...]

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For the Love of Content!

Quality content is arguably the most important aspect of any digital marketing strategy and can bring you plenty of success if, and when, executed correctly. Here are the three main reasons why high quality content is guaranteed to transform your business for the better. Increased Trust in Your Brand The main driving force behind creating [...]

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Marketing Trends for 2017

If 2016 didn’t quite live up to your expectations in terms of your company’s lead generation efforts and overall profit margin, 2017 is a new opportunity to make all of those important changes that could lead to bigger and better things. Here are Honeybee’s predictions for the top three marketing trends that will be making [...]

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When and How to Rebrand Your Business

Business owners avoid re-branding their company for two main reasons. Firstly, they worry that their brand will lose its recognisability and fear that customer loyalty will dwindle as a result. Secondly, they realise that the process could prove to be both long-winded and expensive, and they wonder whether or not the process will be worth [...]

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The Importance of New Branding

Honeybee Communications celebrates its third birthday in May, and because we know the importance of having a good corporate image, we’ve recently undergone a whole new look and feel. Our new look is quirky, yet professional, and demonstrates the evolution of our brand. Branding is about more than just a logo and colour scheme. It’s [...]

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