LinkedIn is the perfect platform for worker bees!

LinkedIn stands out as a social platform because it is one that has been designed specifically for professionals. Its sole purpose is to connect individuals and businesses from around the globe. The more serious nature of LinkedIn, and its user-friendly interface, makes networking and growing your business easier. Plus, there are over 6 million South Africans currently using it.

The benefits of using LinkedIn for business include:

  • Building a professional network: You can build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships via LinkedIn, especially when it comes to relationships with suppliers, service providers (like lawyers and accountants), distributors and partners.
  • Attracting talented employees: Those in search of employment will almost always do research on LinkedIn. That means there’s the opportunity to use the platform to attract talent and build your team. LinkedIn also allows you to post job advertisements.
  • Increasing credibility: There’s something about a complete and impressive LinkedIn business page that makes your establishment come across as more credible. We don’t need to tell you why that’s always a good thing!

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