If you’re new to social media marketing for your business, you will have undoubtedly come across the infamous #hashtag. You will also likely have wondered whether or not it’s something that you should be applying to your own digital marketing efforts. The good news is that when used correctly, the hashtag can help to increase your reach, increase your brand awareness, engage with your followers and add a bit extra life to your posts. Here’s how.

Increase Your Reach

The #hashtag makes it easy for those who would be interested in your posts to actually find them. Luckily, if they are interested in what you are posting about, there is a great chance that they’ll be interested in what your business has to offer, too. A new feature recently unveiled by Instagram further increases reach opportunity for marketers – users can now choose to ‘follow’ specific hashtags!

Increase Your Brand Awareness

With increased reach comes increased brand awareness – the two go hand in hand. Brand awareness is always a good thing for business as it ensures that your offering will always remain top of mind. While a potential customer may not need your product or service right now, they will likely need them in the future, and when they do, you want them to think of YOU before they think of your competition!

Engage with Your Followers

Did you know that posts with only one hashtag receive 12.6% greater engagement than posts without hashtags? Therefore, if seeing an increase in follower engagement is a priority (of course it is!), then hashtags can help make it happen.

Add Life to Your Posts

If you get creative, hashtags can add some personality to your posts. They can help to lighten up the content and get it even more attention. Everyone loves a witty hashtag, after all.

Remember, hashtags aren’t only reserved for use on Twitter, where they originated. You can use hashtags across all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. For an expert’s take on how best to use hashtags to your advantage going forward, get in touch with the Honeybee Communications team today.

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