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Green Initiatives


Green marketing: more than just buzzword!

Green marketing is all about marketing your business in as eco-friendly a way as possible and, of course, letting the world know all about the ‘green’ benefits of the products and services that you are able to provide.

Here at Honeybee Communications, we know that there is nothing sweeter than having a reputation for caring about both your clients and the environment. With this in mind, we can help to advise you not only in terms of effectively marketing your products and / or services according to their unique environmental benefits, but also in terms of becoming more eco-friendly as a business. For example:

  • Evaluating the manufacturing / production processes that you currently follow and suggesting more sustainable alternatives.
  • Taking a closer look at the types of the materials, ingredients and substances used to produce your products, and suggesting greener alternatives wherever relevant.
  • Ensuring that all product packaging is recyclable, as well as updating product packaging so that it is as minimalistic as possible yet still functional and attractive to your target market.


When you need your event to ‘bee’ as eco-friendly as well as memorable!

From business dinners to conferences, meetings to award ceremonies, Honeybee Communications is here to plan your corporate event in its entirety, ensuring that we do so with the wellbeing of the environment kept in mind at all times. In short, we will make sure that the event is planned, organised and enjoyed in as sustainable a manner as possible.

When planning a client’s event, we pay special attention to the following: –

  • Selecting the right caterer (one that is able to supply vegetarian and vegan-friendly options – as well as meat-based dishes, source local food and ingredients, cater an appropriate amount to avoid wastage according to the type of event and number of guests attending etc.)
  • Finding an appropriate venue (preferably one that is central to guests’ locations to avoid unnecessary travel and harmful vehicle emissions, as well as one that provides recycling bins and makes use of solar power, etc.)
  • Sending out digital invitations (to limit the wastage of paper)
  • Organising event favours (all locally sourced and eco-friendly)


Creating buzz and educating the public about our special green-oriented clients

Honeybee Communications strives to assist our clean tech clients to stand out within increasingly crowded markets. Our main focus is on providing professional PR services to businesses specialising in eco-friendly products and services, including smart grid, wind, solar, clean water, biomass, green building, biofuels and more.

The question is, why choose to work with us? The answer is simple. As one green company to another, we have the knowledge necessary to create appropriate, relevant PR strategies that are bound to command the attention of your specific target market. Not only will be able to target the right people through social media marketing and other well-researched PR outreach strategies, but we will also be able to encourage engagement, increase interest and build trust in your brand.

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