To “bee”, or not to “bee”. Now, that’s the question!

About Us

Honeybee Communications prides itself on being a social media marketing communications agency that delivers results.

Established in May 2013, Honeybee Communications was originally created as a full-service marketing communications agency, catering to the needs of a wide range of celebrated local brands and businesses. From event planning and branding to corporate gifting and social media marketing, Honeybee Communications acted as an “all-in-one” marketing solution for our clients for well over 5 years.

But, we’re all about keeping up with the times too! So, in 2018, Honeybee Communications changed its course and decided to focus solely on the digital side of marketing, and on social media specifically. This decision was made in order to be able to provide our clients with the expertise necessary to help them embrace a more modern approach to marketing and reap the benefits thereof. Honeybee Communications has since transformed into an esteemed social media agency, complemented by a team of talented individuals, and covering a diverse portfolio of industries.

Honeybee Communications’ unique approach to business involves being hands-on, and an integral part of each client’s social media strategy. Our range of skills as strategists, social media specialists, content writers, brand and visual aid specialists, allows Honeybee Communications to transform original concepts and ideas into creative, memorable and results-driven social media campaigns.

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